Brussels Airport: New Brand and Logo

Brussels Airport: the heart of Europe
As the second economic growth pole in Belgium, Brussels Airport is considered one of the best airports in Europe.  With a growing number of passengers, which currently exceeds 19 million annually, over 260 airport companies and a direct and indirect employment of 60,000, Brussels Airport occupies a unique, central position on a regional, national and European level.

For several years in a row, Brussels Airport has heavily invested in its infrastructure to become one of the most attractive and most accessible airports in Europe. The past few years, the airport has concentrated all its attention and efforts on the excellence of its service and the efficiency of its operations to permanently improve the quality of its performance vis-à-vis its customers, visitors and partners.

Values translated in an image
The current visual identity, which reflects the efficient and rational character of the airport, has been replaced by an identity which clearly illustrates our new strategy and the central position our clients have in it.  The new identity translates the values and the strategy of Brussels Airport in a consistent image in order to emphasise its customer-friendly and warm side.

In 2011 we adopted a new strategy which aimed to place our customers – whether passengers or partners – at the centre of everything we do. Our objective is to make Brussels Airport, as Star Alliance hub, a customer-intimate airport which offers its customers an agreeable experience, easy access and differentiated services of a unique quality. This is why we picked up the challenge of turning around our image so people would perceive us the way we really are.   From now on, our new visual identity clearly reflects the core values of the airport”, explains Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.


The old Brussels Airport logo

From blue to red: a strong brand

Brussels Airport has adopted a dynamic, modern logo which reflects its true character.

New logo

Composed of a stylised letter B for “Belgium and Brussels” which can be seen either as a bird taking off, symbolising the aviation industry and its vitality, or as a heart illustrating our passion for the quality of our customer service, the logo becomes red to reflect the human, friendly and welcoming nature of the airport as well as the characteristic Belgian hospitality.

The baseline ‘the heart of Europe’ unambiguously illustrates the unique character of Brussels Airport as airport of the capital of Europe.

The new logo will henceforth be used on all airport communication tools, in the terminal, on the website and social media as well as on the mobile app which was totally revamped and optimised.

For the development of its new logo and key visuals of its new identity, Brussels Airport collaborated with Megaluna.


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