Bimba&Lola becomes Bimba y Lola

This Spanish fashion brand has decided to change not only its logo but its name too. The stores will be changed little by little. One of the first ones that has already been ‘customized’ is the store in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona. The customers in the Catalonian capital can already enjoy the new logo, already displayed in this shop.

The New Collection  (SS2014) of bags, accessories and clothes will contain the new logo. The firm has decided to communicate all these changes through its new Instagram account. They have been uploading the new letters of the logo, one by one.











The new logo contains a new typography in capital letters, using also a bold font. The ‘&’ has disappear from their name and has became a ‘Y’. They want to show their origins, Bimba y Lola comes from  Spain. All over the globe the words containing ‘z’ or using ‘y’ as a conjunction are well known as Spanish words.

The company has started a really quick expansion outside Spain in different regions including Middle East and Asia. They are present already in any countries in Europe: last summer they have opened their 4th shop in London, for example. Bimba y Lola has stores in eighteen different countries including South Arabia, Chile, France, Lebanon, Mexico, Portugal or Venezuela.