The visual changes of brands in 2012: new logos

In the last year some of the biggest brands in the world changed their logo into a new one. The visual image of a brand it’s really important. That’s why brands needs to adapt their image into the new demands.

First of all, Twitter was one the brands that changed its logo. The new logo is cleaner and their shape is softer.


The old (left) and new Twitter logos

As you can see in this video, they are using the circle as a metaphoric view of their community. It means they created this new logo in rounded shape, but at the same time they link this shape into the online portal. It shows how your networks, interests and ideas connect and intersect with peers and friends.

The giant of Microsoft changes his logo after 25 years. Microsoft general manager, Jeff Hansen, told The Seattle Times that it “signal[s] the heritage but also signal[s] the future — a newness and freshness.”


The evolution of Microsoft logo

Wendy’s logo changed after 29 years.


The old (left) and new Wendy’s logos

The typography become softer, the colors brighter and she went out of the circle, finally. Even, if the first logo shows a really western image of the brand, new logo fits better into today’s world.

Ebay launched a new logo, that is cleaner and less ‘agitated’.


The old (left) and new Ebay logos

Universal Pictures is celebrating its new image. (Here you can read the story of hollywood’s logos)

The Evolution of Universal Pictures logo

The Evolution of Universal Pictures logo

The new logo is created by visual effects by Weta digital, the same company that creates the effects for The Lord of the Rings saga.

According to the press release:

The visual dynamic of the new logo was inspired by satellite imagery that illustrated a view of the world on a clear night from space. Rather than focusing on the continents and physical boundaries that separate people, the new view is highlighted with tiny points of bright lights that pop across the globe symbolizing the thousands of communities brought together by their shared love of film.